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Events at a glance: Sonny LandrethJennifer Batten, Ben Mauro & 13Curves, Bobby Vogel with Loretta Lynn, Bruce Kulick & Grand Funk Railroad, Michael Angelo Batio, Eric Johnson, Bill Leverty, Reb Beach, Gary Hoey, WABC TV NY's "ViewPoint", Devon Allman, Honeytribe, Ardent Studios, Ron HollowayBallurio Guitars Traveler Build Start, Northland Forest Products

The Traveling Guitar visited Sonny Landreth at his home in Louisiana.  Sonny is an astonishing guitarist who has created a style that is completely his own using the slide to a degree that has never been heard before.  Working with Sonny was a great pleasure and I look forward to meeting up with him when he is in our area again.  Sonny did tell me that he is doing some work in the studio so there is something for all of us Landreth fans to look for.  Thanks Sonny for supporting the Traveling Guitar Program.

Sonny Signing the Traveling Guitar at his home in Louisiana.

Sonny with The Traveling Guitar

Sonny Landreth's signature next to Bruce Kulick and Jennifer Batten

The Traveling Guitar visited Jennifer Batten in the beautiful state of Oregon before she heads to Europe for a number of performances starting in France.  Jennifer is an exceptional guitarist and wonderful lady with a resume that most guitarist can only dream of having.  Working with Jennifer was very enjoyable and I look forward to working with her in the future.  Thank you Jennifer for supporting the Traveling Guitar Program.

Jennifer Batten with the Traveling Guitar after signing...

The Traveling Guitar was able to catch up with Ben Mauro of 13Curves at Nemacolin in PA. We got the opportunity to hang with Ben for awhile before he hit the stage.  We talked about music education, his experience in school and how he feels that the reduction of school music programs is a problem today. Ben is an exceptional artist, very successful and an extremely cool guy, and we found our brief time with Ben very enjoyable.  Thanks again Ben for joining us on the Traveling Guitar Program...

Ben Signing the Traveling Guitar

Ben with the Traveling Guitar

Ben and Keith Ballurio after the Traveling Guitar signing.

Ben Mauro's Signature on the Traveling Guitar

Traveling Guitar Interviews Ben and he talks about his experience with music education in our schools.

The Traveling Guitar visited Bobby Vogel on tour with Loretta Lynn at Harrah's in Atlantic City NJ.  We got the chance to hang with Bobby and had a great time, he gave us complete access and we got some great photos of the event.  Bobby signed the Traveling Guitar and Loretta Lynn did as well!!!  The event was really cool, not only is it Loretta's 50th year performing but also Harrah's 30th Birthday... what a great pleasure and honor it was to be permitted such great access.  Thanks Bobby for such a great event!

Loretta's Tour Bus - An apartment on wheels.

Backstage look out into the audience.  Packed house!

The Traveling Guitar was granted complete access.

Loretta's Band with daughter Patsy Lynn... what a great group of people!

More members of Loretta's band... really talented musicians!

Great shot of Loretta performing...We had a hard time getting any good shots as we had to turn off our flashes... Loretta is a great performer and has a great band.

After the show Bobby and I hung out a bit on stage and he signed the Traveling Guitar

Bobby signed the Traveling Guitar.

Bobby Vogel and Keith Ballurio of the Traveling Guitar with the Traveling Guitar.

Lorettas Lynn's Signature on the Traveling Guitar...A True American Icon!

Bobby Vogel's signature on the Traveling Guitar, Great Guitarist!

Bobby's rig for all you gear heads!

August 14, 2010:
The Traveling Guitar visited Bruce Kulick at Bush Gardens performing with Grand Funk Railroad... We had a great time, the band had a great concert, the weather was great! Bruce had us as his guest at the park... just a great day! Thanks Bruce

Bruce playing around with the Traveling Guitar

Bruce signing the Traveling Guitar

Bruces signature on the Traveling Guitar

Bruce and Keith of the Traveling Guitar
Grand Funk Railroad performing at Bush Gardens Williamsburg VA on August 14 2010

June 21, 2010:
The Traveling Guitar visited Michael Angelo Batio on June 21, 2010. Michael is an astonishing guitarist, creative and very technically proficient! And he is a blast to watch on stage!!!

Over Under, Under Over, Back Flip! You have to see it to believe it!

Michael signing the Traveling Guitar

Classic Metal!

Michael and Keith with the Traveler.

Michael with the Traveler

Michael Angelo Batio signature on the Traveling Guitar... between Gary Hoey, Eric Johnson and Bill Leverty!

May 26, 2010:
The Traveling Guitar visited Eric Johnson in Austin TX. Eric signed the guitar and we got some great shots of the event. Thanks Eric! A true guitar hero!

Eric signing the Traveler

All Signed!

Eric Johnson's Signature!

May 8, 2010:
The Traveling Guitar visited Clearfield, PA for an outdoor concert with Firehouse and Winger. We got the chance to hang out with guitar greats Bill Leverty and Reb Beach before the show... Two really great guys!

Bill Leverty and Keith

Bill Signing the Traveler

Bills Signature on the Traveler

Reb Beach and Keith

Reb's Signature on the Traveler

Clearfield stage, weather was not very cooprative!

April 7, 2010:
The Traveling Guitar visited Gary Hoey at one of his clinics at the Washington Music Center in Wheaton MD for Fender. Gary signed the Traveling Guitar as well as played some of his music. I got the chance to have dinner later that evening with Gary and some of his family and had a great time... just a great guy and talented artist, Thanks Gary!

Gary signing the Traveling Guitar.

Gary!  All signed thumbs up!

Gary and Keith at Chuck's

Gary talking with the crowd!

Gary performing just one of his many great songs, just a real kick to hand with Gary in such a small setting!

Gary's signature on the Traveler

February 14, 2010:
Traveling Guitar on WABC TV NY's "ViewPoint" hosted by Ken Rosato. Aired on WABC 2/14/2010

Keith Ballurio of the Traveling Guitar

Keith Ballurio and Ken Rosato at the ABC-TV Studios with the Traveling Guitar
during the filming of a segment for the Traveling Guitar sat WABC-TV on February 3, 2010

January 2010:
The Traveling Guitar visited Devon Allman at Ardent Studios Memphis TN. We spent the day with Devon at Ardent Studios and got to watch Devon do his thing... Devon Played the Traveler as well as gave us a great interview.  Devon is a great guy and talented artist!

Devon signing the Traveling Guitar


Devon and Keith at Ardent Studio "C"

Pete Matthews, Devon Allman, Keith Ballurio & guest percussionist Tony Antonelli

Legend Ron Holloway and Keith Ballurio

Ardent Studio "C"
We have two videos with Devon Allman, out first is an interview with Devon... he talks about music as well has his take on the Traveling Guitar. The second video we see Devon Rocking with the Traveler.... Great Stuff!

Watch this video

Watch this video

Devon Allman interview Keith Ballurio
Download this video

August 2009:
The build starts, just some pictures of the wood and custom shop at Ballurio Guitars.

Wood for the future Traveling Guitar

Body Parts

EV1 Cabinet at Ballurio Guitars

August 2009:
The Build for the Traveling Guitar started with the wood donated by NFP, one of our program sponsors. Warren Bickley shows us his shop.

Northland Forest Products Donated the Wood for the Traveling Guitar

Warren at his store

On the floor

Each year the program will send custom built guitars on a journey from artist to artist.  The artists
 can play and sign the guitars.  At the end of their journey, the guitars will be auctioned on eBay with
100% of the proceeds going to music education and programs.